Quinns Calisthenics Club



Welcome to Quinns Calisthenics Club!


Calisthenics is an artistic team sport unique to Australia. Routines include elements of controlled exercise, gymnastics, apparatus work with rods and clubs, marching, modified ballet, folk and modern dance, singing and acting. All routines are choreographed by accredited coaches and performed at state competitions and family concerts. Individuals also have the opportunity to perform as solo competitors or in a duo with a friend.


Quinns Calisthenics Club has been established for over 17 years and currently has over 80 members. We are a sporting group bringing health and well being to young people in the Northern suburbs of Wanneroo. Our club is run by family members and our main principle is to develop strength, grace and confidence in our team members.


Our contact link is currently not receiving emails. Contact us at rayclan@optusnet.com.au or suequinnscali@hotmail.com